Make the Most of Your Year

Learn what Numerology has to say about the year ahead for you.

  • Learn how to calculate your "day force," "birth force," and "current year" numbers

  • Understand the significance of your "current year," and explore how to best work with the themes.

  • Explore the 9-year cycles that make up life, so you can plan your future.

  • Understand your personality through a new lense.

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About the Course

Meet the Teacher

Liz Tran

Founder & CEO of Reset

Liz Tran

Liz Tran is the founder of Reset, a learning studio based in NYC that has been featured by The New York Times, Marie Claire Magazine, Well + Good, Bloomberg, and The New Yorker Magazine. An executive coach with over a decade of experience in the tech world, Liz is also a meditation teacher, reiki master, and astrologer. Liz founded Reset to unite these two parts of her background, and to help her customers achieve both personal and professional wellness.

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